My name is eky, Male, ID Address: Kaligawe, Semarang, but now i live in Ungaran city, Jawa Tengah, Country: Indonesia (1hour to Semarang).

I know that you need peace of mind when a massage, do not worry about my service. I am professional worker, have personal qualities, clean and tidy, no criminal record at all time, care for your safety, only one “male therapists” available.

Based experience from working as a Massage Therapist Japanese Techniques, then start working as a outcall massage therapist because the knowledge of Computer, Webmaster, Internet and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that I have been learned before, so you can easily find me on Google Search Engine.

Dedicated to work hard, I am original therapist and supported physical ability to produce quality work.

I display a transparent information about me because I work in a good manner without any intention of harming you, Trust Me.


Full Body Massage Package

Back massage
Muscle relaxation massage
Stretch massage
Oil massage for the whole body
Or customize with your request (do not define as sex)



I am really worker, Sex request will not be approved.
Recommended order 1 hour before.
Full Body Massage Prices : Rp 100.000,00 Fixed.

Call Me : 085640347050

Blog : http://freedownload-eky.blogspot.com/

Facebook Status and Notification : http://www.facebook.com/pijat.panggilan.semarang